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Learn how to achieve ANY goals and desires simply by changing your daily habits.

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I love teaching this process because it’s so important and so necessary. And it starts so simply: What do you do every morning when you wake up? What do you do every night before bed? Do you have a go-to every day during lunch? What you do every moment of every day are your habits.

And it’s not only about what you do, it’s also about what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, and what you believe to be true.

All of this makes up who you are. This makes up your identity. And your identity is changeable, it’s malleable. We are able to shift and adjust who we are (what we do, think, feel, and believe) one habit at a time.

In my FREE Healthy Habits Workbook, I share my story about how I went from full-time corporate working mom, to full-time entrepreneur by deciding to drink hot lemon water every morning. Sound ridiculous? Let me explain…

When I started feeling like where I was in my life was no longer serving me, I listened. Although these feelings were foreign to me at that time, I KNEW I was supposed to listen.

Listening and being aware is Step #1 to change.

Then, since I knew what I needed was change, I decided to make small changes in my life in the direction of “what can I do to feel better?”, so I started with drinking hot lemon water every morning because I had heard over & over how cleansing this was for your body first thing in the morning.

This little change was different, I felt the resistence from the get-go. My mind was saying “you don’t need this”, “you’ve never done this before and you’ve been fine, why do it now?”, etc..

But for some reason, I knew I wanted to push through and make this change because I knew it would benefit me. And I knew I wanted to embark on what seemed to be a new journey to a different version of ME, a person that was healthier on many levels, a person that took control of her life and made decisions FOR her.

This lead to taking yoga classes regularly on my lunch breaks. WOW, this made me feel AMAZING! This sparked an inner joy that had been buried so deep I forgot it was there.

And this was only the beginning.

As a mom, I get it. It’s all about your partner, your kids, your household, and providing for them on every level.

But have you forgotten about YOU in the meantime? Do you put what you love and enjoy to the side to be the best mom ever?

It’s soooooo easy to do. We LOVE the unit we created and we will do anything to keep it thriving. But we simply can not lose who we are as a person in return.

I believe we can have it all.

Sure, the nice home, the nice car, the vacations, but when I mean ALL, I mean ALL: the peace of mind, the healthy body, the time freedom, the financial freedom, the opportunity to serve in alignment with your purpose.

You deserve to breathe deep on a regular basis. You deserve to wear a grin most of the time because you’re fulfilled on every level. You deserve to have time every day to do something for you without guilt.


What do YOU want?



Meet Amanda

I BELIEVE that every person has a purpose. That each person is meant to be on Earth to ignite their own unique life in a way that no one else can. I know, as cliché as it sounds, we’re here for a reason, and once we find and understand who we are, we can live our very best and abundant life.

    I BELIEVE food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food. I believe this to my core. The easiest, simplest things in life are the very things we sometimes don’t acknowledge. We feel it has to be hard or it’s not going to work. However, whole food, and a more natural way of living, has the ability to change your life. It really is that simple.

I BELIEVE feeling your best is the key to doing your best. By simply changing your mind, you can change your entire life. Deciding to finally do something about how you want to feel and who you want to be + a little courage, will catapult you to a higher-level life.

As A Coach, How Can I  Help?

I’m passionate about helping others live the life they desire. I’m obsessed with natural wellness, and up-leveling mindset, and with sharing my knowledge with you.

Are you ready to dive into one of my coaching programs so you can finally start achieving your goals and desires and living for YOU? Whether your goal is big or small, I can help. Let’s work together.

Essential oils are a key staple in my household. They assist me on multiple levels. I believe in them so much that I used to be a doTERRA advocate, but now I simply love sharing (without selling) their benefits.

They can support you and your family in every area to a more natural way of living.

 Yoga eases the body and the mind. Yoga has so many physical benefits as well as assisting in a stress-free life.

As a 200-RYT (200 hour registered yoga teacher), I can tailor your yoga sessions to you with 1:1 classes (locally or digitally). Or check out my yoga tips (via IG, my FB group or my blog here on my site). 

Are you needing a reboot? Wanting to indulge in a more plant-based diet? Want more info on juicing?

Let me help you get started on juicing, give you juicing and blending recipes, and show you around my very own mobile pop-up juice bar: Juice Babe Juice Bar.

Click the link below to find my FREE juicing & blending recipe book.

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