Why I’m Taking 10 Steps Back from My

Mobile Juice Bar

Three years ago I had a dream to open a juicing trailer. I had my journal full of recipes, designed my logo, and felt a burning passion to serve my community with healthy drinks.


I added pics of different modern-vintage trailers to my digital vision board. And I talked about it to close family & friends A LOT.


I put this intention out to the Universe and of course, the Universe answered. I had just started my health coaching training with IIN and one of our first pre-assignments (before the actual curriculum started) was to reach out to an IIN Health Coach graduate and interview them. I reached out to my first choice but her team declined. No bigs. “Ok, let me search Facebook to see if there is anyone local!” And there she was, the ONE health coach in my area at the time just about 1 hour outside of my town. And she was GRACIOUS! And guess what?! At the end of the interview, she told me she was running her mobile pop-up smoothie bar at the beach that weekend and asked me if I wanted to help her to get a feel for the gig since I shared with her my passion for a mobile juice bar in this first conversation.


I fell in love with her set up! (and with her!)


‘I know, I know, I can see, it’s a lot of work. You have to really love this to do it on a regular basis. I get it. I do.’ And I did. I was ready to commit.


Before I committed, I helped my new friend at her pop-up bar a few more times. Just confirming the fact of how much I loved it. Was it because it got me OUTSIDE of my full-time office job? Because I was right there on the beach, literally, the Gulf of Mexico and sugar-white sand beaches were RIGHT THERE. I could feel and taste my sweat mixed with salt water on my skin at the end of our nonstop blending, pouring, and serving day…AND I FREAKING LOVED IT. “I can make money at my ‘job’ doing THIS?!” And I know, not every event was going to be on the beach, but it drew me in to this new way of living & working.


“Ok, I’m in!”


I bought all the little pieces to put this baby together: found a brand new, only used once, white pop-up canopy tent on Craiglist, bought 3 used bi-fold tables, bought a Breville Juicer and a Vitamix. And friends & family were showing their support! I was given knives, table clothes, dish towels, tin containers, Tupperware containers, utensils, and more.


I bought a sign and business cards. ‘This is officially official.’


And here we go!….I set up and worked my mobile pop-up raw juice and superfood smoothie bar at 30+ events, markets, and retreats for the next 15 months. And this included cooking at some events which was an extra joy to share this part of ME and my passion too!


H A R D work, yet fun and rewarding.


I had quit my corporate job at the beginning of this adventure to pursue this passion along with health coaching and teaching yoga. (Eek. Not an easy decision but I KNEW it was the right one.)


Out of all of my new business endeavors, JUICE BABE JUICE BAR, was my most successful and it paid my bills (inconsistently, but it did).


Now, 15 months later, the very beginning of 2020, and I made this decision (the morning I was committed to being a vendor for the first time at my town’s biggest local Saturday morning market that I had been trying to get into for ONE YEAR): to take 10 steps back from my juice bar.




So now you want to know why, huh?


I know, makes no sense, this was my passion, I fell in love with, had a blast, it paid my bills, etc. etc. etc…


“I don’t wanna brag” (John Legend) butttttt I did it all: The meal & menu planning, the finding the events, the getting into the events, the paying the vendor fees, the shopping, the making sure I had EVERYTHING I needed: extension cord, napkins, bungees, my daughter’s painted rocks for décor (and to make me smile seeing them sitting on my table), my tip jar, the list goes on and on. Then packing my car with everything. Unpacking upon arrival. Packing up. Unpacking when I get back home. Deep cleaning everything while taking over the house with my bar “stuff”. Did I mention cooking the nights before until 11:00 PM and getting up at 4:30 to cook more? Oh yeah, and running the bar at the events while hoping I have enough product. And crossing my fingers everyone that I served is happy.


Again, yes, this was FUN, really I enjoyed it. But, for me, in this moment, it’s lost its luster in a way. In the way that I don’t want to put that much energy into it right now. Plus, with most events on the weekends it takes away from my family. I know, I know, I can’t be too picky with my work since I have extra time during the week to be with my family (I love volunteering at my daughter’s school, I eat lunch at her school, I’m able to pick her up almost daily, and have afterschool time with her-love it! Not to mention the random times I can grocery shop, clean the house, and do the laundry.).


But wait a sec! Why can’t I be picky with my life? It’s mine isn’t it? And I only have one time to be Amanda Simmons. Hmmmm. I want to do what is best for me, and of course for my husband & daughter. And at this moment, I don’t feel like it’s the best.


And look, I know I’m getting a little raw (pun intended ;)) here with my feelings of lost luster. But what’s it worth if I can’t be real? Does it mean I don’t love my mobile juice bar? NOT AT ALL. Does it mean I don’t LOVE serving my community with my healthy concoctions? NOT AT ALL. Does it mean I’m closing my bar for good? NOPE.


It simply means this babe needs a break. A break from the juice.


Actually, ironically I’ve made a commitment to juice daily at home! It’s ironic when you do things outside of your home so much you don’t want to do them so much in your home life. Kinda like when hubby takes forever to cut our grass in the summer months and he owns a lawn business! LOL, I love you honey.


So yes beautiful Pensacola, you’ll see my juice bar pop-up here & there throughout 2020, just not as much. In the meantime, I’m choosing to put A LOT MORE focus, attention, energy, and love to my wellness + mindset coaching and teaching private yoga classes.


Thank you to every single person that has bought something from my bar, that tipped me, that shared good conversation while waiting for me to blend or juice for you, that gave me a smile, that helped carry my coolers to my car, that helped me set up my tent, that encouraged me for more, that fell in love with one of my drinks and shared that with me, that posted pics of my drinks on your social media. It’s never forgotten, and I cherish you ALL in my big green heart.


I’m here to serve you in so many ways. The juicing is only a taste of what I have to offer.


I raise my green juice to the next chapter in my business. Stay tuned.

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