Hi, I’m  Amanda.

Coach, Yogi, Writer, Entrepreneur.

I’m a Pensacola, Florida girl, born and raised right next to our beautiful beaches.

I’m obsessed with sharing what I’ve learned about alternative + holistic health, and with helping people find their own authentic health and happiness. As a mom and a former full-time corporate worker, I especially love being there for my fellow working moms but I’m open to anyone needing support for a healthy change.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I mentor, inspire, and hold accountable. I assist with finding and achieving lifestyle goals. I educate YOU to become the healthiest and happiest person you know.

Do you want to feel and look better? Do you know you can but gave up on how? And when to have the time to dedicate yourself to it?

Are you tired, sluggish, feel “blah”?

Do you want to lose a few pounds?

Want to feel genuinely happy and joyful and energetic again?

Want more stamina?

Would you love clearer skin or thicker hair?

Want to shape up your body?

What about help in the kitchen? …

My work is dedicated to guiding you with different tools, tweaks, tips and tricks to a better you.

The healthy you. The happy you. The “together” you.

Again, it’s not about being the perfect you. There is no such thing. Life ebbs and flows and we all have better days and better moments than others. It’s about balance and flowing with your life each day. It’s about having confidence and courage. It’s about forgiving yourself. It’s about knowing what’s important and what’s not. It’s about prioritizing responsibilities AND WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. It’s about shedding what others want you to be, and being yourself.

Do you know who “yourself” is? Do you love her? Are you proud of her? Do you want her to be who she’s meant to be? Do you want her to be healthy? It’s all about finding and being your beautiful self. The one you forgot about, who was put aside to take care of everyone else.

I wasn’t always the courageous, confident, health-nut that went for her dreams. I was timid, sometimes socially awkward, quiet, and fearful. I grew up with acne which became a part of my identity at the time which had a lot to do with the way I felt and acted. I also dealt with major anxiety to the point of having minor panic attacks (my first attack took me to the ER because I had no idea what was happening to me!). On top of all of this, I never really knew who I was. I was so busy making everyone else happy at all costs, I wasn’t getting to know and honor my own self.

Every experience in life is training you towards something great.

If I knew then what I know now then I would be a different person, so I am grateful that I went through everything I have to get to where I am today. Not only have I cleared my skin and no longer struggle with anxiety, I found myself. I found my dreams and the courage to follow them.

I’m obsessed with sharing with you what I’ve learned over my many years of reading, studying, schooling, researching, experimenting everything healthy. From physical health, to mental health to emotional health to spiritual health.

Once YOU finally make the decision to change, that’s BIG. BUT, sticking with the want to change and doing the “work” to adjust to the changes is what can be the challenge – that’s where I come in.

 There are no strict diets.

No harsh workouts.

You don’t have to completely cut out anything.

We implement small changes which over time turns into HUGE shifts. You become the NEW and IMPROVED you by taking baby steps towards better health and more happiness.

It”s a journey, a way of life.

It becomes your new life that you chose! How wonderful is that?

I remind you of the power you already have, the power you were born with.

I give you tools to find the time. 

I give you tools for more flexibility.

I give you tools to find what foods work for you.

I give you tools to find what activities work for you.

I give you tools to find your why, your purpose, your desires.

I give you tools to dive deeper, getting to the root cause.

We work together. I listen. I give simple recommendations. I lay out what’s right for YOU.

From my childhood years I’ve been super interested in natural health and self-help. My family bought me every Chicken Soup for the Soul book when I was just a kid because I was obsessed with feel-good stories! I would stay up late nights with my nose in health magazines (no smart phones then, ha!), and I’ve experimented with every face and hair mask that came from the kitchen for the past 20 years!

Food, natural health, alternative therapies, and positive mindset have always been my passion and I didn’t realize this until just a few years ago. It hit me that I’ve always been living it. I’ve been intrigued with the power of the mind and the power of Earth’s gifts my whole life and finally found an outlet for my passion and everything I’ve been learning and loving.

Once I knew I wanted to be in the holistic health and wellness field, I received my 200-hour Yoga Certificate, received my Health Coaching Certificate, I teamed up with doTERRA and love using and sharing essential oils, and turned my love for making smoothies and green juices into a business too.

I’m obsessed and passionate about it all and I’m excited and dedicated to share it all with you and use what I know to help you on your journey…

from me to you.

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I’m always here to help!

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