There’s  An Oil for That!

Really there is!

Are you in search of a safe, 100% natural solution for you and your family?

Natural cleaning products, alternative remedies, safe aromatics, easy immunity boosting, clean cooking additions and supplements, purer beauty products …

Essential oils are where it’s at! They are literally mini miracles in beautiful bottles ready to help in hundreds of ways. If you didn’t already know, NOW you do!

And don’t worry if you haven’t transitioned yet…it’s NEVER too late.

So what are essential oils anyway? Essential oils are compounds extracted directly from plants (leaf, bark, petal, rind). These compounds give plants their distinctive fragrances and aromas. The oils are extracted from the plants using steam distillation (pressure and hot steam) or from cold pressing (pressure without using heat).


  •  You can use essential oils aromatically by diffusing, using on cotton balls and placing in your home, office or car, using as a household spray, by making your own cleaning products, adding to laundry, or by simply opening a bottle and inhaling! Using the oils aromatically can induce powerful mental and emotional benefits such as peace, calm or happiness for examples. Plus, by simply inhaling, you reap the immunity benefits. Annnnd, they smell AMAZING! Using different oils for different life situations can be extremely helpful.


  • You can use essential oils topically and they’re readily absorbed in the skin. [When in doubt/for sensitive skin/on children, always mix essential oils with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. A good average ratio to go by is 5-10 drops carrier oil to 1-2 drops essential oil.] It’s dependent on the essential oil used + the goal, but common places to use the oils are on the bottoms of the feet, temples, wrists, behind the ears, and abdomen. Other fun ways to use the oils are in the bathtub or shower, on a soaked towel, and mixed in body wash or face moisturizer or shampoo. [You want to avoid eyes, ears and open wounds.]


  • You can use essential oils internally. doTERRA essential oils are all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade which is better than organic! All plants used are grown indigenously then every oil batch is tested before being bottled to meet the high standard. If a doTERRA essential oil can be ingested, it will have the supplemental facts right there on the bottle. You can use the ingestible oils in cooking or baking, in water, coffee or smoothies, or in veggie capsules as you would take a vitamin.

Do your research or reach out to a doTERRA rep if you’re not sure about doses, ratios, ingesting, etc., or if you’re just not sure which oil is best for what. Always remember…



You can’t go wrong.


The more you use these magical oils, the more you’ll get used to them and they become so incredibly fun and necessary for yourself AND the entire family!

Feel free to book a FREE 15-minute call with me if you want to chat about the oils in more detail or if you have questions.

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