Drink the RAINBOW!

Juicing and blending are near and dear to my heart. I’ve been addicted to making green juices and superfood smoothies for years! I still can’t get over how yummy kale, carrots and beets (oh my!) can be! AND my daughter loves them?! Yay!

So what exactly is juicing?

Juicing extracts the vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient-rich juice from produce.

Why juice?

Juicing is an easy and fun way to consume your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. It’s much easier to drink a half of a pineapple than to eat it! Now I’m not saying not to eat your plants – definitely eat them when you can – but for a change/when you’re in a time crunch/for fun/when you need an extra dose of plants in your diet or when you need the kiddos to get extra plants in their diets/when dieting or cleansing or detoxing, it’s great to juice. Also, juicing is absorbed in the body much faster and digested much easier than when eating fruits and veggies. But either way, CONSUME YOUR PLANTS. 

To juice or to blend, that is the question.

Juicers remove the pulp while extracting the juice. Blenders do not remove anything. Either is ok. This is simply a personal preference. I love to do both! Mix it up (pun intended)! Juice some days and blend others.

Have fun with it.

Is the fiber lost when juicing?

Soluble fiber remains in the juice after juicing which acts like a prebiotic supporting gut bacteria.

Insoluble fiber remains in smoothies after blending which improves bowel related issues and controls weight by keeping you full longer.

Juice or Blend to get more plant food into your diet! Most people don’t get nearly enough plants into their daily diet so this is an easy, fun way to do it.

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