Yoga is where it ALL started for me. Yoga started my personal journey years ago. Yoga is my personal journey “baby”. My personal journey “first love”. I will always be dedicated to yoga because of how it forever changed my life.

 Don’t get me wrong-my husband is my soulmate and our daughter is God’s gift. They are my whole world. But when it comes to my mind, heart and soul…

My life, yoga was the catalyst to finding who I am as a person and giving me the courage to act upon expressing this person that I finally found.

I dabbled in different classes for 10 years before I really recognized what it was doing for me. Maybe it had to do with taking prenatal classes while 6, 7, 8 months pregnant and feeling connected to my baby and the practice and myself all at once. I do know that the prenatal classes is when I noticed a shift.

 After my daughter was born I continued going to classes and I found myself diving deeper into the practice. I went to my favorite classes and  as a new mom and a full-time employee, I made the time to go. This was “my” time. I noticed how much more I loved myself, how I had more appreciation for others without judgment. How open, calm and free I felt.

It was like a high that  just  felt  naturally right.

This went on for a couple of years, my daughter now a toddler and me still working my booty off at my corporate job. Then one day I literally STOPPED typing, looked around my very own office I finally got promoted to and thought “is this it?” That, even though so much appreciated, didn’t feel naturally right.

That’s when I decided I had to start making changes and not long after, I thankfully transitioned to a part-time position then, shortly after that, decided to take a 200-hour yoga training to get my teaching certificate. Everything else that followed sort of just happened for me: my health coach training, opening a green juice bar, and taking the lead on finding my own brand and putting it out into the world.

There are many types of yoga – I was trained in Ashtanga which is a beautiful, structured practice. I also have experience teaching yoga to children! I taught my very own kids’ class for a year and loved it. Now I specialize in private yoga classes that are tailored to each client and have an Ashtanga “flow” to every session.

Yoga has so many benefits physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga means bond or union or connection and the purpose of the practice is to literally connect your asana (poses) with your prana (breath). Because breath is so vital to your yoga practice, yoga is a form of meditation and meditation has extremely positive benefits on the mind and life quality.

Want to schedule a session with me? No matter where you’re at, we can connect. I teach private one-on-on digital classes (via Zoom).  1-hour class for $25. Please email me to schedule: 


If you’re in Pensacola, I teach private & semi-private classes. Contact me directly for locations & schedule. Price ~$15/class/person.




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