I  Never Fully  Achieved    My Goals  Until  I Did  This

At the end of every year, I get out a journal and a pen and I write down all the things I want to accomplish, and the better ‘me’ I want to embody. This was a passionate experience where I REALLY express these goals and wants for myself. I really want to make a change. I know I can be, do, and have more…If I can only achieve these goals, I can get “there”.


But in the past, when February approached, these goals would magically start fading. Life happened. Life got in the way.


And it just seemed ok. It seemed validated. “Well, I’m just too busy, and I seem ok, so those goals can wait.”


And what about: “Plus, I’ve been fine without achieving these goals or other bigger goals I’ve had before so I’ll still be fine.”


But then there was always this other voice that would reply (at some point): “DON’T YOU WANT TO BE MORE THAN FINE?!”


This “other” voice is always right.


Do you find yourself not following through with your goals or New Year’s resolutions?


First I want to share 6 ways we may be limiting ourselves in this area, and then I’ll share what keeps me (now) on track with achieving all of my goals:


Limiting belief 1 – we give up. It’s easy to do. It gets us back to that comfortable, familiar space that we’ve been in for a long time, so we do it, we throw in the towel and give up. And this is validated by those thoughts & beliefs I mentioned earlier so we easily move on.


Limiting belief 2 – even though we’re super passionate and motivated when the goal(s) is set, over some time, we start to feel like it’s not going to work. And why should it right?


Limiting belief 3 – “it worked for them, but it won’t work for me” OR “it didn’t work for them, so it probably won’t work for me either” Comparison-itis is a very common one.


Limiting belief 4 – there’s not enough time. As life starts happening and moving on after you’ve made a promise to go after your goals, you start feeling that sense of time pushing forward and you get hooked in the ‘time is moving fast and running out’, therefore, there is no time for these “extra” dreams and desires, because you have priorities and other responsibilities to take care of.


Limiting belief 5 – it just feels like too much effort, and “lazy sounds nice right about now” Oh how we looooove to stay in comfort zone!


Limiting belief 6 – we feel like we’re being too selfish. We have kids, a partner, job, household, etc., how could we seriously do this for ourselves when we have all of these lovely necessities to care for?


Do you resonate with any of these?


I’ve been there. And these all still pop up for me, however now I implement a system to dance around them and keep moving forward.


One step in this system is: to take daily inspired and authentic action


This may sound too simple, but the consistency is key. And, when your action is focused towards what you’re wanting, with love (hence inspired and authentic), there is no doubt that you will get to where you want to go.


And this doesn’t mean to run yourself down. It’s doesn’t mean to hustle. It simply means “what can I do today, or right now, to move myself forward?” Baby steps is literally what it takes.


Balance these baby inspired steps with your life and you’ll one day notice how far you’ve come.


In my 60 Days To Success Coaching Program, I teach you my system to reach and achieve YOUR goals, desires, and resolutions!


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