The Best  Investment  I’ve Ever  Made

I have decided to STOP trying to find ‘the answer’ from another coach.


My best piece of advice if you’re looking for ‘the answer’: I suggest you do the same.


But why? If you have a sec, let me tell you what just happened to me with another online coach this week:


This coach found me via Messenger, reached out to start a conversation which lead to “oh, you’re a coach too? here’s what I do, and I can help you get to xyz in 90 days, sounds nice right?”


It did sound nice and felt like the right timing for me and my business so I rolled with booking the discovery call, following her content, and signing up for her challenge scheduled for just a week or so out.


Something in me knew that this experience is what I needed. I have been asking for a direct mentor and poof, here she was. And on top of this she announces that she’s giving away a grand prize for the winner inside the challenge – participant with the most points in her challenge wins a spot in her group coaching mastermind worth $5500 (same price she just quoted me on our discovery call)!


I KNEW I was going to win. Period. I just felt this without force nor in vanity. I just knew.


Challenge starts and I’m present and I participate. Again, there is no force. I penciled this challenge into my schedule this week just like every other priority and made it happen. I was re-learning what she was teaching and I love hearing teachings from a different perspective.


Middle of the week=middle of the challenge. She announces that I have the most points and I’m in the lead (out of 76 participants)! I was actually surprised! I had in a way forgotten about the prize and was simply engaging and being present in the group, but it hit me “dang, maybe I really will win this!”


So I made sure to keep on participating. Last day to rack up points was yesterday and she announced the big winner! Guess who got the most points? ME! 


BUT, curve ball, she threw all the names into a “digital hat” and pulled out a name that was not mine.


What?! Did I miss something here?


My immediate reaction: I turned off my computer and cried like a baby. Like I haven’t cried that hard in a while. And this reaction actually surprised me.


I went outside and walked around my property, catching my breath, trying to figure out what just happened but I couldn’t make sense of it. I had the urge to go back and find all the places where the rules of the contest was mentioned so I could prove that she never mentioned a “digital hat” in the rules. But I decided that wasn’t worth my time. What was this going to do at this point anyway?


Hours later I left the house to go teach a private outdoor yoga class, and this is what I needed. The weather was perfect, the company was so beautiful, and the practice was relaxing & recharging. Plus I left with gifts! I was gifted an oracle deck, homemade trail mix, and a decorative outdoor yoga frog that I had just told myself TWO DAYS prior that I wanted because I had one at our last house that my grandmother had gotten me but it broke right before we moved. THIS right here is REAL! These are true gifts, this is true connection. 


I felt so blessed and grateful.


So I get in my car to leave and get this, I have messages from a couple of the group challenge attendees telling me their thoughts about the contest and how they felt it was unfair, that I deserved to win. One even said she went head to head with the coach in the comments of the group! Wow, these ladies seemed just as upset as me and they were going to voice it! You go girls! 


I had debated whether or not to voice my opinion. Sometimes I feel like DELETING and letting go and processing on my own is the better way. What is a potential “you said” debate going to do for me anyhow?


But seeing these ladies compassion for me made me realize I needed to reach out to the coach so I private messaged her and told her how I felt (basically that I must have misunderstood the rules, my feeling are very hurt, and I asked that in her future challenges she makes this way more clear so she doesn’t hurt others’ feelings).


I got a pretty sincere reply. And trusting, sensitive me felt understanding and forgiving until she said the words “each day I explained I was going pull a name out of a digital hat”. 


I was very present each day this week and she never used those words. Like, not once.


Listen, I don’t think she is a bad person, and I don’t think she meant to do this on purpose. I really don’t.


But do I think marketing can be a bit manipulative and deceiving to hook, line, sinker? Yep. Was this the case here? Yep.


So after literally passing out last night at 8:15 after emotional exhaustion, and waking up at 2:00 AM during a thunder storm, it hit me…




And I had it this whole time.


I should mention that I have hired my own coaches along my journey, of course! I’ve read books, taken certification trainings, taken online courses, etc. I’M NOT SAYING DON’T DO THIS. Do the work behind the scenes, research, invest, learn, grow, always!


What I’m trying to share with this story is STOP trying to find the magic answer from some other coach out there that seems to know all the right things.


She’s just like you. And she’s just like me.


Yes we’re all on different levels in all ways. But there is no “answer”. There is no “here, I have the answer that you need so you can finally make your 6 figures and live your dream life.”


The lesson I needed from this experience was that:

-I am a beautiful manifester; 

-I have everything I need to be a successful coach;

-I’m already living my dream life.


So, I made a BIG decision!


Since I meet all of the criteria above, I made a commitment:




We start Monday. And this is the BEST investment I’ve ever made.


PS-when you ask, you will receive. I asked for a mentor and poof, here I am.

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