Change  Your  Mind,

Change Your Daily Habits,

Change  Your  Life.

I went from having severe acne, to clear skin.

I went from chronic anxiety and panic attacks, to calm and centered each day.

I went from shy and questioned what I say, to finding my voice and speaking on stages.


My changes happened by:

-getting crystal clear on what I want;

-taking action steps and using strategy;

-implementing healthy habit after healthy habit;

-using morning and nightly rituals;

-upleveling my environment;

-doing things out of my comfort zone in the direction of my desires;

-saying ‘no thank you’ to what does not serve me;

-believing in miracles, my connection with the Universe, and knowing how powerful I am; and

-serving others.


Do you know what you want? How you want to feel, how you want to look, how you want to live?

All it takes is a mindset shift, the choice to change your life and your life really will change.

You have what it takes.

Why? Because I’m obsessed with alternative, holistic, and natural ways to achieving a healthy, vibrant, balanced life. I’ve been passionate about this subject since I was in my teens. I always thought it was a hobby, which organically turned into a passion, never imagining it would completely change my life. Now my obsession is sharing what I know with others and witnessing their shifts and transformations, as we grow & learn together.

How? I inspire and talk about a variety of topics such as living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, natural ways to clear skin, bringing back the basics such as eating whole, and how to tap into your alignment. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t treat, cure, or prevent any diseases and I don’t prescribe any medications. I simply inspire, educate on niched topics, and share success stories. None of my advice should replace medical care, but it can coexist. My approach is holistic, guiding you how to balance all areas of wellness. I want us to live positively, to feel better as a whole. Understanding and practice implementing tools such as journaling, and healthy habits such as grounding. All of the tools and habits I share I practice myself and I have seen magnificent results! Because the habits you use and practice everyday are what make YOU. This is why I want to share what I know with you! It takes lots of little shifts to change your world. You’ll one day look back on your journey and be amazed where you came from.

What? Here are a few tools I’ve learned about and practice myself: earthing or grounding; meditation; breath work; yoga; visualizing; 90/10 lifestyle; journaling and scripting; affirmations; NLP practices; eating whole foods; and, learning how to eliminate activities that do not serve along the journey. Each of these are tailored for ME with practice. Using awareness, and knowing what you desire is key to excelling with every tool. This is how you find yourself.

It becomes a journey to up-level your life.



There are no quick fixes.

It’s about embracing your journey.

A new way of living.

You’ll have ups and downs, different experiences, maybe challenges, surprises, with successes and even a couple slip-ups. Enjoy & embrace the journey of it ALL.


What you can find on my site:


journal prompts

tips & tricks


healthy habits



tools & tasks



Healthy habits and lifestyle shifts are for you if:

  • You’re wanting to lose weight;
  • You’re wanting more energy + stamina;
  • You can’t kick the sweets;
  • You want clearer skin;
  • You desire to find your voice;
  • You need consistent, sound sleep;
  • You’d love help in the kitchen – recipes and shopping lists;
  • You’re wanting more confidence and courage;
  • You want new healthy routines;
  • You’re wanting to find purpose and fulfill desires + passions;
  • You’re ready for a shift in your life, to start something new and fresh that is a change for the better.

What you can expect after you decide you’re going to change?

  • motivation
  • clarity
  • centered
  • acceptance
  • time management
  • organized
  • rested
  • energized
  • controlled
  • calm
  • happier
  • connection
  • compassion
  • purpose
  • patience
  • expression
  • courage
  • relaxed
  • passion

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So excited for you!

Cheers to your new journey and massive success!



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