“Change  Your  Mind, Change  Your  Life”

Are you ready to see results that finally last?

Are you ready for a non-diet approach to your health?

Are you ready to be heard?

Are you ready to gift yourself time for YOU on a consistent basis? A sacred, comfortable, safe space where you will find and release your own breakthroughs?

You know what you want – how you want to feel, how you want to look, how you want to live… All it takes is a mindset shift, the choice to change your life and your life really will change.

It’’s  all  up  to  you  and  only  you.

As a coach, I focus on what fits YOU. We work together to achieve any lifestyle health goal you’re wanting. From wanting to lose weight, to relieve joint or back pain, or headaches, to clearing your skin (check out my Signature Skin Coaching Program), to wanting more confidence, to finding true happiness and joy, to wanting more energy, to wanting to sleep more sound, to finding purpose, and to living passionately.

Why me? Because I’m obsessed with alternative, holistic, and natural ways to achieving a healthy, balanced life. I’ve been passionate about this subject since I was in my teens. I always thought it was a passion, NEVER realizing I could make a career out of it until just a few years ago. Once I realized this, I started my trainings. Now my obsession is sharing what I know with others and witnessing their shifts.

How does my coaching work? I mentor you through the ups and downs of your life to achieve your lifestyle goals. My recommendations are tailored to fit you that coexist with your medical care. I bridge the gap with your family physician, doctors, and healthcare professionals. I don’t treat, cure, or prevent any diseases and I don’t prescribe any medications. I offer advice and recommendations that are all natural. None of my advice should replace medical care, it’s to coexist. You’ll find my practices will make your life easier, your outlook more positive, make you feel better, will help you look better. You’ll practice and understand simple tools and healthy habits (some tools you may not know even existed!) that you can implement to start changing your life in a healthier, happier way, all naturally. The tools I’ve learned I practice myself and I have seen magnificent results! This is why I want to share what I know with you! There is no magical cure for anything. It takes lots of little shifts to change your world. You’ll one day look back on your journey and be amazed where you came from.

What tools am I talking about? Here are a few I’ve learned about and practice myself: earthing or grounding; meditation; breath work; yoga; visualizing; 90/10 lifestyle; journaling and scripting; affirmations; NLP practices; of course using specific foods and superfoods; and, learning how to eliminate activities that do not serve. Each of these are tailored for ME with practice. Using awareness, and knowing what you desire is key to excelling with every tool. This is how you find yourself.

Yes, I assist you to find foods and fitness that work for you however we dive deeper than this to holistically heal. Healing each level to UP level your life.

For me personally, I am not only at my prime on every level-I feel my best, look my best, and know how to express myself without fear-I have found that my life has become more “in the flow”, more connections with like-minded humans, I achieve desires, and I feel more abundant all the way around! Letting go to be in the flow is a game changer and I can show you how to do this too which involves releasing old limiting beliefs and implementing what you really want….

This is why I’m called a holistic health coach. Holistic means whole. Healing Mind, Body, Soul. Getting on a healthier level physically, mentally, emotionally, spritually. When one doesn’t work, the others have a hard time working. You can’t eat broccoli and drink a green juice yet feel completely scared and alone. Therefore, implementing ways to heal on every level is how to achieve the life you desire. Your very best life.


Sessions can be held in person, by phone, or virtually. Sessions are 60 minutes each and we meet every other week (+weekly contact with me for questions & support on your journey in between sessions).

    Our sessions are about you and your healthy lifestyle goals. You choose your commitment:

  • Single session
  • 6 sessions (3 months)
  • 12 sessions (6 months)

There are no quick fixes here.

This is a journey.

A new way of living.

3-6 months is an appropriate amount of time to be coached through different stages and seasons as your life ebbs and flows.

You’ll be coached through the ups and downs, through different experiences or maybe challenges that arise, through surprises, successes and slip-ups.

No judgment ever.

No prescriptions.

No waiting.

No in and out.

And what’s included you ask?

  • Junk Food Cleanse Cheat Sheet – a quick and easy daily guide to eliminating junk food in your life
  • Circle of Life Map – a tool to guide you on how your progress is going through the coaching program
  • Nutrition Plate – to use as a guide when eating meals
  • Healthy Snacks List – over 30 healthy snack ideas so you can be healthy on-the-go and curb those cravings fast!
  • Recipes! – 10 fun and delicious recipes that I personally love
  • Healthy Choices Go-To Checklist – quickly see the difference between not-so-healthy choices and easy healthy choices
  • Sugar Blues Article – learn more about sugar and what it really does to our bodies and minds


    • Your very own journal. I truly believe in journaling. Journaling thoughts, goals, frustrations, dreams, lists, wants, needs, whatever your heart desires. It’s imperative as you go on your new journey so I’m gifting this to you once you sign up.  [*********these are ALL included when you purchase a package of sessions]

    This program is for you if:

    • You’re wanting to lose weight, whether it’s a significant amount or to shed a few pounds;
    • You’re wanting to lose belly fat;
    • You’re wanting to tone your body;
    • You’re wanting more energy + stamina;
    • You’re wanting to ease physical pain;
    • You’re wanting to headaches to go away;
    • You can’t kick the sweets;
    • You want clearer skin (see my Signature Skin Coaching Program);
    • You want re-growth for your hair;
    • You desire to be heard, listened to, and understood;
    • You need more, consistent and better, sound sleep;
    • You’d love help in the kitchen – recipes and shopping lists;
    • You want specific health-y recommendations that work for your life;
    • You want to know what types of foods to eat or not to eat;
    • Your entire family could use a health reboot;
    • You’re wanting to feel better overall – a more positive outlook, more confidence and reassurance, a better outlook on life, more peace, more calm, more clarity;
    • You want a new healthy routine to implement;
    • You want specific fitness recommendations;
    • You’re wanting to find purpose and fulfill desires + passions;
    • You’re ready for a shift in your life, to start something new and fresh that is a forever change for the better.

    What you can expect after your coaching sessions?

    • You have more motivation
    • You have more mental clarity
    • You see and feel a change for the better, mentally, physically, emotionally
    • You like what you see in the mirror
    • You have a better understanding of food and how food can specifically work for you
    • You’re way more organized and feel you have more time
    • You feel “in the flow”
    • You’re rested and experiencing better and consistent sleep patterns
    • You feel in control (of your mood, emotions, cravings)
    • You feel more peaceful and more calm overall
    • You have more energy and you’re more active
    • You’re happier
    • You feel heard, understood, and not alone
    • You found your purpose or on your way to finding it
    • You find you have more patience
    • You’re expressing more of who you are more consistently
    • You’ve shed fears and have more courage
    • Your pain is relieved if not gone
    • You take more time for yourself

    For all of this my coaching price starts at only $66/session.

    Choose the number of sessions that’s best for you right now, then you’ll be prompted to make your secure payment. I’ll send scheduling information to the email address you provide so we can get your session(s) on the calendar, and I’ll also email you an outline of the sessions with several of the goodies listed above (the other goodies you’ll receive as we move through your sessions). Email me directly if you have questions: hello@amandasimmons.co 

    So excited to start working with you! 

    Cheers to your new journey and massive success!



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